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  • Senior level Engineering and Consulting experience since 1986
  • Consulted with thousands of local and national companies
  • Expert troubleshooting of PC’s and data Network issues

Key Customers

  • Microsoft
  • Anderson Consulting
  • Honeywell
  • Northwest Airlines
  • Carlson Companies
  • 3M
  • Medtronic
  • Wells Fargo
  • Guidant Corporation
  • Phillip Morris

Certifications and Training

  • CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate
  • MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • MCNE - Novell Master Certified NetWare Engineer
  • ASE - Compaq Accredited Systems Engineer
  • Compaq Rack Builder Certification
  • Novell Enterprise Certified NetWare Engineer
  • Novell Certified NetWare Engineer
  • Hewlett Packard Certified Network Professional
  • Hewlett Packard MultiProtocol Router
  • Hewlett Packard LanProbe Network Monitor
  • Hewlett Packard ProbeView Network Management
  • Hewlett Packard Network Advisor Protocol Analyzer
  • IBM Networking Professional
  • IBM PSP Technical Interchange attendee
  • Implementing IBM OS/2 v2.x - v3.x
  • Apple Northwest Challenge attendee
  • Apple Senior Networking Systems Engineer
  • Asante’ Networking Professional
  • Farallon Networking Professional

Consulting Project work

  • Sniffer and HP Network Advisor based protocol analysis
  • Router Network Management - Policies, Procedures and Standards documentation
  • Windows and Netware upgrades, migrations and installation scripting
  • Internet Access - T1 lines, DSL, ISDN, Cable Modem, Routers and CSU/DSU’s
  • Process Evaluations - Help Desk, Product Procurement, PC break - fix
  • Multi-platform O/S integration
  • LAN/WAN Security consulting
  • Branch Automation and Integration
  • Development, Design and Implementation of Windows, OS/2, Macintosh and NetWare upgrades
  • Responding to large scale RFP’s
  • Developing ‘Statement's of Work’
  • Network Audit's
  • LAN Health Check’s
  • Infrastructure cabling design
  • Ethernet and Token Ring Collision and error analysis
  • Network and Server Performance monitoring
  • Protocol Trend analysis and packet decoding

Project Work

LAN/WAN Cisco Support Specialist

The project included installing 800+ Cisco 1710 and 2620 routers in 400+ locations across the country and overseas. Router configurations included VPN tunnels using GRE tunnels with crypto ipsec-isakmp encryption. The Firewall routers also used NAT and ‘ip inspect’ rules to provide dynamic authenticated sessions to and from the Internet. Granular session control was obtained using several layers of access-lists. Duties included remote installation and troubleshooting support via phone and telnet. Router connections ranged from 56k dial-up sessions to dedicated T1 and Frame Relay lines. Remote locations used a variety of methods to connect the PC’s and local routers, including Wireless Access Points, DSL, Cable Modems and city wide Satellite and Radio uplinks.

Platform Engineer

Part of a team that created an updated desktop O/S and application suite for 100,000 desktops. Initially based on NT Workstation v4.0, we needed to create an image that would automatically install and configure the O/S and all the appropriate application packages; Created custom application install scripts with WinBatch; Packaged applications with WISE Installer and Winstall; Used ORCA to modify MSI packages; Started work on a Windows 2000 version of this image; Once everything was ready, we created a multiple image-file configuration that automatically ran from Bootable CD’s.

Internet Access Implementation

Installed a Microsoft Exchange v5.0 server into an environment where the majority of the users accessed the internal network remotely from their laptops. The second phase of the project was to integrate the Exchange server with Internet email. I worked with the customer and presented several different ways for the office to get 'connected' to the internet. We decided to go with a direct connection to MCI's Internet backbone. We discussed Port speed and CIR - I ordered and assisted in the installation of the communication line; configured the Cisco Router and Adtran CSU/DSU; worked with a DNS consultant and installed /configured Microsoft's DNS Server; Communicated with the InterNIC to move their existing DNS domain name from their existing ISP and configured their internal DNS server to house their domain name.

Project Consultant

A company needed to upgrade all of there desktops from a mixture of DOS 3.x to 7.x; Windows 3.x and OS/2 to Windows 95. I was involved in the initial project scope and gathering details of the existing environment. We had to perform a detailed desktop hardware and software inventory to find out which PC’s were capable of supporting this new ‘image’, based upon minimum specifications that we agreed upon. We then had to coordinate the replacement / upgrades of PC’s that didn’t meet the minimums. I developed the Win95 ‘image’ that we would then replicate to all new PC’s, and the process to capture local hard drive user data and customized user settings.

Multi-platform integration specialist

Microsoft (building #23 in Redmond, WA) had a requirement to integrate all of the pieces in the following environment: Macintosh, OS/2, DOS and Windows Clients, DaVinci email, MHS gateways, Novell FileServers, Microsoft NT FileServers, Microsoft Mail and Microsoft LAN Man Servers, and finally, XNS, Netbeui, TCP/IP and IPX protocols on a single Windows for Workgroups desktop. I was flown out to be a dedicated resource to solving this puzzle. Six weeks later, it was finished and working.

Project Manager - Lead Consultant

A Division of a World wide Pharmaceutical company had offices in two states. There were about 650 users and 5 primary File Servers. The File Servers consisted of Novell NetWare v3.11, v3.12 and Windows NT v3.51. The workstations consisted of Windows 95; Windows for Workgroups; Windows; DOS v3.1 to v6.22 and a variety of Macintosh machines. There were various Unix based hosts along with Ethernet and token ring attached network devices like Printers and Copiers. The scope of the project was to upgrade the entire environment to NetWare v4.1 and VLM clients. I started the project with an NDS Tree Design consultation and a Pilot Project. We had to test the feasibility of an NDS environment with the variety of devices they had in their network. Procedures and documentation were also key to the communications between local and remote personnel involved with the upgrade. I developed an automated program that made various decisions based upon different workstation configurations - to do the actual workstation upgrades. We did several File Server Pilot tests to confirm that the variety of hardware and software running on the production Servers were compatible with the new configuration. This also allowed me to identify and purchase, or upgrade, pieces that did not work - prior to the actual weekend upgrade.

Infrastructure Consultant

Customer has a wide variety of legacy systems and emerging technologies. Topologies include Token Ring type 1 and type 3, Thick-net ethernet backbone, Fiber, Wireless and 10/100/1000 twisted pair ethernet. Equipment came from a variety of vendors, including Cisco, HP, Adtran, Kentrox, 3com, IBM, Bay Networks, Dell, Compaq and Toshiba. Reviewed existing structure diagrams and prepared detail inventory of existing equipment that included model numbers and BIOS levels. Uncovered several redundant links and circular routing issues. Recommended several consolidation techniques and products. Also gave demonstrations of useful management applications like HP OpenView and CiscoWorks. Deployed system-wide standards for naming conventions and establishing a common SNMP community. Worked within customers budget and timeframe to stabilize, monitor and increase the capacity of their network infrastructure. This was done primarily by optimizing data flow with minimal investment in new equipment.



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Jason Stenvold
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